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News / Re: Updates topic! All updates on eS are posted here
« Last post by denNorske on Yesterday at 08:12:30 pm »
Bug update 5.3.4
[FIX] Headshot-hitman achievement was a bit bugged and caused several server-issues.
[FIX] Duels was once again not working. /duel would return an invalid command. After some investigation I found the issue, and it has been fixed now.
Gaming & Technology / Re: What's your smartphone?
« Last post by RedFox on Yesterday at 07:41:56 pm »
 Samsung Galaxy S8+

Gaming & Technology / Re: How fast is your internet?
« Last post by RedFox on Yesterday at 07:38:47 pm »
Gaming & Technology / Re: Post your Gaming Setup here!
« Last post by RedFox on Yesterday at 07:34:04 pm »
CPU               --AMD Ryzen 7 1800X
Motherboard  --MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon
RAM               --Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB 3000MHz
Graphics card  --MSI GTX 1080
SSD                --Samsung 960 Evo 250GB
HDD                --Toshiba 1TB HDD
Power Supply  --Corsair CS650M 80 Plus Gold
Case                --NZXT S340
Cooler             --Noctua NH-U12S SE-AM4
Software        --Windows 10

Keyboard        -- Razer Blackwidow Ultimate 2016 Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard   
Mouse            --AlphaGo Razer Ouroboros Wireless Gaming Laser Mouse Rz01-00770100-R3A1 AG3TS5   
Speaker          --Razer Leviathan 5.1 Channel Surround Soundbar Speaker System with Subwoofer
Mouse Pad      --Razer Mantis Speed Mouse Pad Gaming Mousepad

[TS] Discussion / Re: [TS] - The Spartans' Ranks
« Last post by ADoKaN on Yesterday at 06:10:29 pm »
Swat has joined the clan.
Roo has been set as an Admiral.
[SCFE] Applications / Re: My SCFE application
« Last post by Vaghul on Yesterday at 02:38:27 pm »
Thx guys
[SCFE] Applications / Re: My SCFE application
« Last post by ben1728 on Yesterday at 01:50:24 pm »
You are a good player and active  ;) +1

good luck!!
[SCFE] Applications / Re: My SCFE application
« Last post by Azy on Yesterday at 01:48:51 pm »
Nothing against you,+1.
Solved Complaints / Re: hacker 7
« Last post by [PS]Rhythm on Yesterday at 01:18:47 pm »
Banned by Swat. Thanks for reporting.
Solved Complaints / hacker 7
« Last post by RedFox on Yesterday at 11:55:18 am »
Your in game name: [BMW]RedFox
Name of the hacker: Maximiliano_Nuclear
Date and time (only when impersonating): 5:51 Pm   10/17/2017
What hacks he/she used: Fly Hack
Evidences (screenshot/video): https://youtu.be/jfNn4LuUFaA
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