A command for viewing all the fun commands

A command for viewing all the fun commands.

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Your Nick: Azy.
Your Suggestion: A command for viewing all those fun commands example: /duck, /headie, /tdfw etc.
Further explanation: A command for viewing all the fun commands many people don't know those commands, this will make easier to know the command for ice cream or anything.
Any examples or pictures:

Almost like dis xd
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No. They're supposed to be "secret" commands that not many players know about. If we create a command that shows all of them, they'll be nothing but spam.


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Not really necessary, since we already have all those commands displayed, be it via /cookiehelp or /cmds. And, regarding the fun commands like /duck or /headie, I don't expressively feel like it's a necessity that we compile all of them in a list where you can find them, since they're just silly commands, and if we want players to use them for a fun moment, we can just announce it once and that's it.

It's a -1 from me.

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