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Application-format for creating a Clan

Discussion in 'Clan Creation Applications' started by player, Oct 22, 2017.

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  1. player

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    Oct 4, 2017
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    Application information and format:


    A clan is a group of people that represents an interest, a hobby or a community on the server by sticking together and having fun.
    A clan is defined by having a tag in the name, such as [INA] and [SoA] which both represents something. The Tag can maximum be 4 characters [ABCD] and must be at least two [AB].
    Users has the ability to join and participate, and each clan has one leader that takes responsibility and makes things in order.
    Clans has no advantages on the server besides being a part of a group.
    Admins dont help sort out clan-based issues, however does it involve breaking our rules - we will step in and do what's needed.
    Applications will be voted in by administrators on eS - and can get accepted by a level 8+ based of the votes.
    Asking about the application or pestering admins to vote will lead to a denial.


    [*] Have at least 1000 score or 2 days of playtime
    [*] You are active on forums and in-game, responsible, honest and friendly.
    [*] If you've recently returned from a long inactivity (1+ month) do not post within less than two weeks of returning.
    [*] Not have any previous bans based on behavior or rulebreaking (no exceptions)
    [*] A motto for the clan you want to create

    Other Information:

    [*] Clans are entitled to maximum 3 sub-boards.
    [*] These sub-boards must be requested in the application and not after.

    Application format:

    Explain what it would stand for:
    Anything else?[/b]
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