First Cop Apply

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In game name: CristianoSantos
Age: 19
Country: Morroco
Score: Exactly 3041
Your current playtime (Use /stats ingame or !stats <yournick> on irc ): 20h 10min 0days
Which languages you speak: Arabic, Japan, English, Espagne
On a scale of 1 to 10, how good is your English?: 9/10
How long have you been playing on eXtreme StuntinG: from 2017 and i register in forum in 2018
Why would you like to become a police officer: i want to be a police officer for give the tickets to the robbers
Do you intend to be as active as possible on the server, or are you active: yes
More about yourself: My Name is Youssef i am from morroco i am 19 years old i like this server from the first time i join
Not open for further replies.