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Give me a solution :(

Discussion in 'Banned' started by Johor, Nov 27, 2017.

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  1. Johor

    Johor New Member

    Nov 2, 2017
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    Banned Nickname:Brother1
    Reason of ban:TPHacks
    Ban ID:9640

    Brother1 It's not my account he's just a sampler playing with the same cafe with me because he was banned because I can not play this game, and I do not know anything about him
  2. LucastexasTV

    LucastexasTV Joined June 1st, 2012. Staff Member Lead Admin Gold VIP SAFPD Member

    Oct 25, 2017
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    Well, let's begin things with "Brother1 It's not my account". Apparently, lying seems like the easier way out for you instead of coming clear and maybe having an opportunity to be unbanned.

    I find it very weird, Johor, that I come up to your stats on IRC and it states this:
    Wait, player is currently banned? Hm, let us have a look.
    What?! Brother1!? Well, it's fine, right? You're affirmatively telling me that you two play on a cafe and he is the one to blame, so you got prejudiced alongside him. Well, if it weren't for one particular detail that I came across, I'd lift this ban from you right this moment. It appears that you and Brother1 share the same Client ID of your computers, therefore indicating you're the same person.

    Well, that being said, there's absolutely nothing that can be done on your case, Brother1. You know the rules to our server, and you should also know that we follow it very strictly.

    Lastly, Brother1, you're also involved in this huge fuss coming from this person we both know, called Bencong_Ane. When it comes to Bencong, the history goes way back in time, and I would need lots of time and lines to compile what you have done to our server, and I'll tell you what, they're unforgivable.
    Even though you found out you were unbanned, you still came to our server with the same intentions as the old Bencong_Ane we know. So, for that matter, let me gladly bring back the sentence that one of our admins wrote you in the past, and I hope you can remember this one with me.
    "Ban evaders aren't getting unbanned."

    Goodbye once more, and don't come back. You remain banned.​
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