How to Fix SA-MP crash ? (Permanently)

Try these methods
Method 1

1. Press the Start Button and type "services"
2. In the Services list, search for "Windows event log".
3. Double-click on it, so another window will open.
4. Set "startup type" to disabled. Now restart your computer/laptop.
5. after that you will notice GTA San Andreas doesn't crash anymore.
Method 2
1.Right click on Computer after that click on properties.
2.Click on "Advanced system settings" and System Properties will appear.
3.Click on "advanced" after that "settings" , Performance Option will appear.
4.Click on "data execution prevention" and Turn on the " Turn on" DEP for all Programs.
5.Click on add and add your gta_sa.exe and samp. At last "Apply".
6. Restart your computer.
Method 3
Step 1. Go to Gta San Andreas Folder
C:/Program Files/Rockstar Games
Step 2. Right click on SAMP and the compatibility.
Step 3. set to Windows 98/Windows ME, check the box 'run as administrator' and 'disable visual themes'
Step 4. Click OK And you're done.
Method 4
If all this doesn't help then,
the most promising solution is to:
1) Uninstall the game
2) Remove all remaining files from ...\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\... folder
3) Reinstall the game
4) Play
5) If still having problems, delete gta_sa.set file from My Documents.

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