I dont what Happend??

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Banned Nickname: CristianoSantos
Reason of ban: i am playing thene hey give me [Your Are Banned From The Game]
Ban ID: he dont give me any informations for my ban
what the hell its going on i play the game thene hey give you are ban i dont understand anything


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Look, Cristiano, you are by no means banned from the server. Everything is absolutely okay, but you must keep in mind that, from time to time, you may come across the message "You are banned from this server." when you are logging into the server or relogging too fast because of a quick loss of connection. The precise cause of this bug is yet unknown, but I can assure you that, whenever you see that message on your screen, you're not banned.

When somebody actually gets banned, they will be presented with this type of screen:

Instead of showing "You are banned from this server.", it will say "Server closed the connection", and you will see that window with all the information for your ban, and you'll even see the website to the forums where you can apply for an unban, which is obviously not your case.

So, if what you saw before happens again, don't worry about it, as it is a server bug, and not an actual ban that was issued on you. I hope that clears it.

~eS' Administration Team


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Let me know in a personal message if it isn't fixed,then I would need to check the system more closely
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