King59 apply

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Did you read the requirements? Yes
Did you know you need at least 50 forum posts? no
Real Name: Jamal
Username: Khan
Any previous names: Sindhi
IRC Name: panchu
Have you registered your nick on IRC?: Yes
Age: 16
Country: Pakistan
Score: 50
Forum posts: yes
Playtime: 46 mins
What languages do you speak: English : Urdu
How long have you been playing at eXtreme StuntinG: 4 & 6 hours
Screenshot of your stats (not optional): Why would you like to become a VIP: i don't like vip i need adminship and warn the hackers
More about yourself: im a student for metric passed and i love for any samp servers


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You don't fit requirements and also we don't need Vips and Admins anymore.

Not open for further replies.