My rank up app [Rank 1 to Rank 2]

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In game name:Vaghul[Now my name is Jim]
How long have you been playing extreme stunting:Since 2014 May
Your current rank:Rank 1[Officer]
The next rank:Rank 2[Investigator]
When did you get your current rank:On October 28[15 days ago]
Why do you want to get the next rank:Without the eject command command it has been difficult for me to ticket/arrest players.Most of the criminals use a car or a plane to escape,so with the eject command I can catch criminals easily.
Do you think you have been active and helpful:Yes,I'am active and helpful
Your cop stats:<ES4>: Cop Rank: 1 | Given Tickets: 60 | Arrested Players: 29 | Wanteds Given: 0. I was a cop before that stats is included. Before I had 13 tickets and 3 arrests[I think so]
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You're one of the most active, enthusiastic, and helpful cop around here. There's no reason to say no here. Its a BIG yes

Good luck, Vaghul!


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We need more cops like you
you are active and always catching the criminals
Keep it up +1


you are nice and kind to all players, and have obeyed the cops rules.+1 from me Good luck. ;)


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I can with great pleasure tell you @Jim that the rank upgrade has been approved.

You may ask an commissioner ingame to help you set your new rank :)

Good job so far, and keep it up. Also, remember that everyone has to be patient sometimes. I hope you will enjoy your new abilities.

Den & the commissioners
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