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My V.I.P app

Discussion in 'Denied V.I.P Applications' started by Jim, Nov 5, 2017.

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  1. Jim

    Jim Very Active Member SAFPD Member

    Oct 23, 2017
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    Did you read the requirements: Yes,I did.
    Did you know you need atleast 50 forum posts?:Yes,I do.I was an old player. Some of the posts I did were deleted and some were hidden.Owners told me I can apply
    Real Name:Rahul[In my home they call me with this nick 'Vaghul'].
    Any previous names:No previous names
    IRC Name:Vaghul.
    Have you registered your nick on IRC?:Yes.
    Forum posts:Including the old ones it is 50+
    Playtime: 0 Years,0 Months,11 Days,14 Hours,48 Minutes,50 Seconds
    What languages do you speak?: English,Tamil.
    How long have you been playing eXtreme StuntinG?:Since May 2014
    Screenshot of your stats (not optional):https://imgur.com/a/A3fB8
    Why would you like to become a V.I.P?:I want to become a V.I.P because it is a great responsibility and I always wanted to help admins.I also love to use the V.I.P features.By becoming a V.I.P I will be more responsible,mature and always try to help others.
    I meet the requirements and I love this server. I wanted to become a V.I.P member here so badly and the V.I.P tag above my head In game makes it more awesome
    More about yourself: My real name is Rahul,I live India-Tamil Nadu and I love bikes and also to play this server
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2017
  2. Jon

    Jon Level 10 Admin Staff Member Owner Commissioner VIP

    Oct 10, 2017
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    Nothing against you getting VIP status in general but the application could be improved slightly. Some spacing would make it more clean.
    Remember that applications are the times for players to shine and show the best they possibly can, that also includes grammar, like when you said: "I will be more responsible,mature and always try to help others.", it sounds like you are not mature and responsible now but you will become, after becoming VIP.
    We can't expect perfect English from anyone but if there's a mistake, it shouldn't change the meaning of the entire sentence in an application.
    Also, you could have mentioned the previous name, Good_King which you played some time with.

    You can reapply in one month (12.12 2017).

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