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Public Announcement: eXreme StuntinG is closing 15. May 2018

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by denNorske, Jan 16, 2018.

  1. denNorske

    denNorske Level 10 Admin Staff Member Owner Developer Commissioner

    Oct 4, 2017
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    I very much appreciate all the words you've all spoken.:emoji_baby_chick:
    As an owner and a person that has been following the community for all the years - I can't say things more accurately as above. It's a family, it's a community noone else can compare to.

    As time goes we all grow. Unbelieveably we've made it for 7 years now, and that's a huge accomplishment. I would say there has been 3 generations in here, and the third is the last one. We're no longer able to compete against bigger communities in terms of a solid player base, and we've lost (as I said earlier) some amazing contributers over the past few year(s).

    I am happy to have shared all these amazing moments with you. My experience having such a community as this, has potentially given me a job with IT-operations (I will know more shortly). Looking back, I do not regret doing everything for this community. All the friends, and all the stories i've been told.

    As days passes by now towards the end, I strongly feel the sadness that surrounds me about never going to experience everything in here again :emoji_sob::emoji_sob:. My best memories are when Sammy and I "married" ingame :emoji_kiss_ww:, when skeenky, Cola, Jay, Leet and me were using rocket launchers ingame to arrange events at /AA :emoji_warning:- when skeenky had his bus-tours around san andreas with 10+ people in the same bus. I miss seeing the message saying "Server full.. trying again". I will especially miss the laughs i had with almost EVERYONE in here. What an amazing community you are, and you don't know how unbelieveably important you've been for me (and many others) to face in-real-life situations. Or just to relax a friday night. I've had very though times as a person, with few friends - and people that cared about my welfare. Well - this server is a family. No doubt.
    We've shared music, videoes and memes :emoji_musical_note:. And @Sucre has put up a high standard of reacting to messages on Discord xd Jeez, you all have given me so many challenges (and i've said "challenge accepted"). :emoji_heavy_check_mark:

    When a closedown of a server makes you get tears in your eyes every time you think of it, you know that it means a lot to you - no doubt. :emoji_dizzy:

    As a final thing to do for this community, I will release a nice video as a thank you to staff and players. As a little final "show-off" of the server, to remember how it was.

    Please take care of any picture you have of the server, and send them to me. Send all your pictures, and I can try to set up a memory page of eS.

    I love you guys, I really love you all. And thank you very very much for joining us in this incredibly journey we've been through. Get ready for landing...
    Quackely regards from me, again :emoji_heart::emoji_baby_chick::emoji_hatched_chick::emoji_hatching_chick:
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  2. bobyyyS

    bobyyyS New Member

    Feb 21, 2018
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    Eh, I only re-registered to say some nice words.
    Most of the players nowadays don't know who the hell am I, but it doesn't matter now.
    I don't think I expected the server to get shut down this soon, I expected the player base to grow a little bit and get some players active but I guess it just didn't happen. 7 years man, holy shit. It was one great journey with lots of ups and lost of downs. Norske, I can't wait for that eS montage, I'd love to see some memories of the players and me if I'm there. ( Hopefully you have some of me :D )
    Take care guys.
    - bobyyy / Marchelo / Shckabbio
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  3. chubakk

    chubakk Active Member

    Oct 23, 2017
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    Hello, Extreme stunting closing was the last thing i ever wanted to see, but it happened. what i think that Extreme stunting was online for 7 years is a sign of how great the server is. i am glad i found this server i found many great people. So thank you @owners and thanks everybody because if this server didn't exist i wouldn't have met you all. Thanks..

    ~chu chu
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  4. Dolla$

    Dolla$ New Member

    Oct 27, 2017
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    Through thousands of SA server i joined eS was the only one to impress. Sadly i didn't join earlier to experience forums and the gameplay around this 'Family' you all made. Thank you for making my free time ROCK. Keep it cool y'all :D
    Sincerely Dollas
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