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Read this before posting!

Discussion in 'Cop Applications' started by HeadHunter, Oct 23, 2017.

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  1. HeadHunter

    HeadHunter Level 10 Admin Staff Member Owner Commissioner

    Oct 10, 2017
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    Read This Before Posting a Police Officer Application!
    * To make sure we do not confuse cops and players and that they get their payday, you will have to post an application here. Don't worry, it won't be so hard to get in the team!
    So, just fill in the form and we will have a look!

    * After applying to become a cop, you will have to wait until the commissioners evaluate the application. The decisions are made purely by the commissioners team and you are not allowed to pester them regarding the matter.
    * Be patient about the decisions because they may take some time until they're made; not all of them are quick and we ask you to respect that.

    * While waiting for your cop application to be evaluated, make sure you read the
    Cops Rules (Click) - Criminals Rules (Click) - Server Rules (Click) to avoid rulebreaking if you end up getting accepted.

    1. Be active and useful.
    2. Have a score higher than 2500.
    3. Respect the players and the administrators.
    4. Speak at least an understandable English.
    5. Respect the clan decisions (Skins to use, Cases, Weapons, Respect your superiors...)
    6. Have at least a playtime of 3 days and been registered for at least 1 month in-game and on forums.
    7. Be familiar with, respect and follow all of the server rules.

    1. Please do not apply unless you have met everything stated above! Otherwise the result will be an automatic denial.
    2. Please make sure to read all the topics related to the cops (especially Cops & Criminal rules) else you will be temporarily demoted upon making your first mistake!
    3. Do not ask commissioners to revise your application. If you insist, your application will be denied.

    Application form:

    [b]In game name[/b]:
    [b]Your current playtime (Use /stats ingame or !stats <yournick> on irc )[/b]:
    [b]Which languages you speak[/b]:
    [b]On a scale of 1 to 10, how good is your English?[/b]:
    [b]How long have you been playing on eXtreme StuntinG[/b]:
    [b]Why would you like to become a police officer[/b]:
    [b]Do you intend to be as active as possible on the server, or are you active[/b]:
    [b]More about yourself[/b]:
    e.g of an application:

    * Good luck in your application! If you have any questions and/or doubts then just send a private message to a commissioner.

    Current Commissioner Team: @HeadHunter @denNorske @Jon @Enzo @Skeenky

    ~eS Commissioners.
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