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Hello and welcome to eXtreme StuntinG!
Hello and welcome to our new forums! We had a similar introduction topic like this on our old forums and it seems like we need a newer updated one here too.
So here's a basic little tutorial and a few useful tips on how to get around on our server. Aimed for our really new players. This also doubles like a simple FAQ.

First I am going to start by telling you that you can use an awesome speed boost feature by pressing the left mouse click button. Then you can also jump up in the air by pressing H.

1. Registering / Logging in

First time:

Every time you join the server, a language selection box will appear. You can select English, Spanish and Portuguese at the moment. Select a language and you will move on to the skin selection. Select a skin and press "Spawn". You will now spawn at one of the server's spawnpoints and main stunting areas.
Next, type /register, then type in the password you should remember every time you log in onto the server (see below) and do not give the password to anyone.

By registering, your stats will be there every time you come back + you will get some bonus cookies and cash too :)

After registering:
Now that you have a registered account on our server, every time you join the server, after selecting your language, you will need to enter your password into the log in box to log in. When you type in the correct password, you will be taken to the skin selection.

Note: If you join with a name that's already registered, you will have to enter the password. If 1. It's not your account. 2. You forgot your password.
And you enter the wrong password multiple times, you will be renamed to "
[eS]Guest_[Number]". This way you can still play on the server even if the name you selected was taken already. Keep in mind that you will not be able to register and you would have to exit and change your name in order for you to be able to register.

2. Teleporting

Our server has got many different teleport locations that you can go to. Most locations have a "slash /" command with a unique acronym dedicated to the location.
When you join the game, you will spawn at a random stunting area in game.

Here is a list of some useful teleports:

Stunting Areas

  • /LSA - Los Santos Airport
  • /SFA - San Fierro Airport
  • /LVA - Las Venturas Airport
  • /AA - Abandoned Airport
  • /LSB - Los Santos Beach
  • /DAM - Hoover Dam
  • /MC - Mount Chilliad
Cities and Various Locations:
  • /LS - Los Santos
  • /SF - San Fierro
  • /LV - Las Venturas
  • /GS - Grove Street
  • /SFD - San Fierro Downtown
  • /DLS - Los Santos Downtown
  • /LVC - Las Venturas Castle
  • /LSD - Los Santos Docks
  • /VW - Vinewood Hills
Stunt Jumps / Base jumps:
  • /LSBJ - Los Santos Beach Jump
  • /AAJ - Abandoned Airport Jump
  • /MCJ - Mount Chilliad Jump
  • /QJ - Quarry Jump
  • /LSAJ1 & /LSAJ2 - LSA Jump 1 and 2
  • /BSJ1 - San Fierro Roofjump
  • /BSJ2 - Vinewood Skyscraper Jump
  • /BSJ3 - Town Hall jump
  • /BSJ4 - Big Pointy Building
  • /BSJ5 - Easter Bay Bridge
  • /BSJ6 - The Visage
  • /BSJ7 - Emerald Isle
  • /BSJ 8 - Bayside Mountain
  • /BSJ9 - San Fierro crane
  • /BSJ10 - Las Venturas Crane
  • /EE - Easter Egg
  • /D1 - Parkinghouse Drift 1
  • /D2 - Parkinghouse Drift 2
  • /D3 - San Fierro Hills Drift
  • /D4 - Parkinghouse Drift 3
  • /D5 - Big Ear Drift
Skydive and Parkour:
  • /ESK - eS Skydive
  • /SP - Sammy's Parkour

3. Commands

/VMENU or /CARS - This command opens a menu with all the vehicles you can spawn on the server. You can also use the command: /V [vehicle name/id] or /Car [vehicle name/id] It's one of the most frequently asked about commands we have.

/RULES - Here are all the rules on our server which you must read.

/REPORT - This is a very important command. If you see someone cheating/Hacking in any way, use it like this: /report [id] [reason].

/ADMINS - Here you see all the currently online administrators.

/COPS - Here you see all the currently online cops

/VIPS - Here you see all the online V.I.P's

/GOTO - With this command you can teleport to other players on the server. Use the command: /goto [id].
Players can also block other players from teleporting to them with the command

/PM - This is private messaging. This way you can send private messages to other players without anyone else knowing what you are talking about.
Use the command:
/pm [id] Hello :)

/ROB or /ROBCOOKIES - With these commands you can rob player's money or cookies. Use the command: /rob [id] to rob money from a certain player, or /robcookies [id] to rob cookies.
Note that when you rob, even if the rob is successful or not, you will get a wanted level. When you are wanted, the cops will try to ticket/arrest you. Read /criminalrules for more info on what you can do when wanted.

1 Star: 2000$ Ticket
2.Stars: 2 Minutes in jail
3-6 Stars: 3-6 Minutes in jail

/SHOP - Here you can buy all the available weapons.

/COOKIES - Type this to read what all you can do with cookies.

/BANK - This command lets you place your cash in your own bank to have the money protected from robbers. Use the command
/bank [amount] to use the feature.

/WITHDRAW - In order to get your money out of your bank, type
/withdraw [amount] to get the money you have banked to your cash. For example when you don't have enough cash to buy something from the shop or a house and you need to lift some money.

/AFK - To show other players that you are away from keyboard (AFK), type
/afk [Reason]. You will now be moved to the afk lobby where you basically can't do anything else than be afk or talk. Respectively, type /back to return to the normal world.

/AFKLIST - Type to see a list of who is AFK.

/RACE - Type this to join a server race when the text pop ups that announces that a race is starting. If there is not a race in progress, you can queue a new race by typing the same command.

/DERBY - Type this in order to join a monster truck derby that starts when the announcement pops up. You win derbies by falling off the map the least times while you're trying to push others off.

/HELP - In the end, you can always type
/help to open a menu of all kinds of commands available.

4. Staff

Our staff team has got a variety of ranks stretching from Trial Moderator to Owner.

Here's a complete list of the levels:

  • Level 1: Trial Moderator
  • Level 2: Moderator
  • Level 3: Expert Moderator
  • Level 4: Basic Administrator
  • Level 5: Administrator
  • Level 6: Expert Administrator
  • Level 7: Lead Administrator
  • Level 8: Head Administrator
  • Level 9: Manager
  • Level 10: Owner
Here's a link to our staff list.

5. Private Cars

You can own up to 5 cars on eXtreme StuntinG.
Open up the private car menu by typing /MYCARS, here you will see a list of all the cars you own and options for them.
To spawn a car, type /GETCAR [1-5], number depends on the slot the car you want is in.

Your first car will cost you 100 cookies. The second will be 200 cookies and the so on until the fifth one is worth 500 cookies.

Note that if you don't own a house, you can only own one car. In order to be able to buy 5 cars, you need to own a house (read below).

6. Houses

There are houses spread all over the map, ranging from level 1 to 10.
The cost of houses is determined by their level.

To buy a house, go stand on a green house pickup and type /buy, make sure you have enough cash.
When you have bought a house, do /housemenu to open a menu where you can customize the house's level and name etc.
House levels 1-5 stretch from a small apartment to a luxury mansion while 6-10 are custom mapped apartment interiors going from a custom made small apartment to a very luxurious one.

To get to your house, use /gohome and /enter if you want to go inside and when you are inside, use /exithouse to leave the house.

Thank you for reading, hope it was helpful.

These are only the really basic features of our server. If there is something you want to ask while playing, feel free to ask any admin for help. Our more experienced players are also happy to help if they can. :)

We wish you a great time here with us :D

~eS Management
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